Investment Management

When choosing companies to make up your portfolio we follow this Equity Philosophy.

  • Place a premium on good research and an “instinct” for sizing up company management.
  • Using our own fundamental and technical analysis in addition to third party consultants, industry contacts and wall street research, we identify superior companies with staying power over the longer term – 3-5 years.
  • Through field research, we confirm our analysis  talking and meeting with company management, customers, suppliers, competitors and other industry experts.
  • We search for “growth on a value basis” regardless of market capitalization and/or industry. We look to buy companies at a value price based on their future growth and fundamental characteristics.
  • Risk management strategies including covered calls may be used where appropriate to reduce volatility in equity portfolios.

Ariba takes a bottom-up approach to Equity Management, focusing on:

  • Consistent sales and profit growth
  • High returns on equity
  • Strong returns on invested capital
  • Reasonable valuation based on P/E over growth rate (PEG ratio)
  • Strong balance sheet – self financing
  • Unique service or product with high barriers to entry
  • Critical mass pricing power
  • High operating efficiency
  • Number 1 or 2 in respective industry
  • Shareholder  friendly management
  • Time tested  financial record

Sit down with one of our managers and allow us to tailor a financial plan and portfolio that’s right for you.

For more than 30 years, Ariba’s advisors have worked with our clients, managing their assets with caution, care and patience.

Our philosophy was formed through our many years of experience in business and managing and investing in equity markets. We continually monitor our client accounts, world and US markets as well as news, and events that may affect economic conditions and the stock market.

Ariba’s Investment Philosophy

We believe that a long-term strategy designed to capture the major trends in the economy will produce consistent and superior returns over time.
We believe that careful and regular review of guidelines and objectives is as important as regular review of portfolios.
We believe that every client is unique and deserves to be treated uniquely. An Ariba portfolio is designed to meet the specific requirements of each client
We will endeavor to avoid companies whose products and/or policies are obviously injurious to the environment and/or the “human condition”.